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Kingdom Persepective - Part 3

Jun 2, 2024    Pastor Mike Hendricks

Join us as we dive deep into the Beatitudes from Matthew 5 and explore what it means to live a Kingdom life. From mercy and purity to peacemaking and enduring persecution for righteousness, these teachings of Jesus shape us into people who reflect His love and purpose.

Key Points:

Mercy: God's mercy saved us through Jesus. As we receive His forgiveness, let's extend it to others.

Purity of Heart: Only God can purify our hearts, aligning our motives and actions with His will.

Peacemakers: True peacemakers actively pursue God's plans, bringing reconciliation and standing for righteousness.

Enduring Persecution: Blessed are those who face trials for Christ's sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Let's strive to embody these principles and be the salt and light of the earth, reflecting God's love in everything we do.

Catch the full sermon video now and be inspired to live out these Kingdom values! 🙏✨

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