Wisdom Series by Pastor Mike Hendricks

Wisdom breeds success

A successful life in the kingdom

Seven secrets to success

  1. Identify a need you can meet, then meet it.
  2. Identify the hurt you can heal, then heal it.
  3. Identify the opportunities you can take advantage of, and take
    advantage to the max.
  4. Don’t stop with an idea until you can say that it is excellent.
  5. Allow yourself to be a success
  6. Communicate your story
  7. Be Organized

In 1982 Mike attended Shiloh Training Institute in Hamilton, Montana and received his licensing and ordination in 1984. In the same year, he married his wife Carola and continued his training as Youth pastor and teacher in the Bible school. In 2001 Mike became the senior pastor at The Life Church (formerly Valley Christian Fellowship) and is continuing to serve the congregation and community in the beautiful Wood River Valley.